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Zilu Camargo rebels after criticism and releases the verb about Leo Dias


Zilu Camargo rebels after criticism and releases the verb about Leo Dias

Zilu Godoi / Instagram

Zilu Camargo has decided to talk about the recent criticism she has received after giving an interview to the program 'Hora do Faro' on Sunday (12), Mother's Day. In conversation with Rodrigo Faro she said that she thought about committing suicide after the separation, in addition, she said that she knew of the betrayals of Zezé Di Camargo and his relationship with his current wife, Graciele Lacerda.

This Wednesday (15), the businesswoman posted a text talking about the repercussion of his interview, and even gave a nudge in the journalist Leo Dias, who came to criticize the posture of the ex singer's singer and said that “she needs self-love.”

“Hello friends followers !!! I wanted to explain to the “critics” on duty some “points” when we accepted the invitation to participate in a television program! First: I DID NOT MARK INTERVIEW! I HAVE ACCEPTED THE PROGRAM ORDER @horadofaro FOR A MOTHER'S DAY TRIBUTE, so everything was a SURPRISE (including the interview)! I have no interest in living in the past (although my past is part of MY LIFE HISTORY and I talk about it when I want to), even because I'm in a new relationship and new phase of my life! “, she pointed out.

“When Rodrigo Faro addressed matters that are part of MY past, I could not be unkind, and I would NEVER refuse to talk about a subject that I kept talking about for YEARS until today, but now I say NO PAIN, for having overcome! Therefore I answered promptly all that I was told! Reply is POSITIVE, react is NEGATIVE !!! Therefore, it is a subject that today I speak NATURALITY, because it does not hurt me anymore! I never imagined that this subject would bother so many people, why, even if it bothers them, it's because they still DO NOT OVER! I have overcome EVERYTHING with God guiding me, giving me wisdom, strengthening me day by day, and today, I have no problem in speaking of already healed wounds! LOVED, LOVED, AND I WILL LOVE MY FAMILY ETERNALLY, including the man I married and gave me this family, it hurts whoever hurts! THAT IS GRATITUDE … and only a GRATEFUL heart is capable of LOVE! “.

“The truth always rebels those who live from lies, and maybe that was the reason for so many criticisms … including yours, right Leo Dias?!? That ALWAYS used my SEPARATION to promote itself nationally, still in Jornal O Dia, when I was reporting on thousands of SENSATIONALISTS material on national network, and now it's talking like this is something “useless”, belittling a SURPRISE interview of another recognized communication professional! Just you @leodias, who always comes back with your problems from your past and hospitalizations not yet overcome (and heartfelt desire that you heal it)! I'm sorry for your lack of ethics and professionalism, criticizing a SINCERE matter, transparent and very exciting (at least for me)! “, she concluded.

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Zilu rebutts critics after interview – Instagram

The criticism of Leo Dias

It seems that the outburst of the businesswoman Zilu, ex-muher of the singer sertanejo Zezé Di Camargo, did not catch very well, at least it is the opinion of the journalist and columnist, Leo Dias.

On the last afternoon of Tuesday (14) during the SBT's 'Fofocalizando' program, Leo Dias commented on what was revealed by Zilu in Record's 'Hora do Faro' program, on Sunday (12). See the journalist's statement!

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