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YouTube Originals content will be free starting September 24


YouTube Originals content will be free starting September 24

The promised is debt and a couple of months after the announcement YouTube reported that its content YouTube Originals will be free for all users starting September 24. In practice this means that from that date the series, movies and specials created by the Google company will not be exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers, although those who pay for the service will have some special advantages.

First of all YouTube Originals content will be available for free because the company will promote a ad-based system, which will not be a problem for Premium service subscribers.

On the other hand, those who pay to access the original content of the platform can enjoy extra content like director cuts and additional scenes of the series and movies of this service. All while you can also download the content to watch it offline and watch the complete series at the minute of its premiere. Something that will not be possible for those who opt for free service with notices, as they must Wait week by week for new episodes.

As announced by YouTube, the series, movies and live events presented by Originals after September 24 will be free for users who are not members of the Premium service, while some of the productions already released will be available ” now or soon, with ads, for a limited time for non-members. ”

For example, those contents that will reach the future include:

  • Cobra Kai
  • Boost
  • Groom
  • Mind field
  • Liza on Demand

Although this decision points to a change of strategy for the future of YouTube Premium, the company's commitment still implies that productions such as BTS: Burn the Stage, Fight of the Living Dead or Idolish 7 They are not yet among the plans for their free launch. So if you are looking to see any particular content, it is better to consult whether or not it is included in the title list which for now will remain in Premium.

YouTube announced the decision to change the strategy of its original productions last May and, according to Deadline's report in that instance, now the company would pretend focus on programs and specials without script.

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