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Wonder Woman 1984: Why don't you have a sword or shield?


Wonder Woman 1984: Why don't you have a sword or shield?

The trailer for the new movie of the Wonder Woman which opens in the month of June 2020, and with it the sword and shield of the protagonist were stopped.

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The film starring the actress Gal Gadot It is one of the best reception has been criticism and fans since its first part. However, without much success he made his appearance in Batman v Superman and Justice League.

Unlike these tapes, Diana will not have her sword and shield, but the actress, who was also part of Fast and Furious, explained the reasons why this decision was made.

“Wonder Woman doesn't carry a weapon. We wanted to eliminate the sword, because it is something very aggressive. If you have a sword, it means you need to use it. So we wanted to give that up. AND neither did we feel that the shield was necessary. She is a goddess, can fight, is super strong and has the necessary skills. Then no, she has the gauntlets. And the tie. He has his tiara and that's it, ”he explained.

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Now the action will focus on a new version of the Wonder Woman, dressed in impressive gold armor. The next film will return to the heroine's past and meet his old love, Steve Trevor (role of Chris Pine).

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