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WinRar crash continues to be exploited to install malware

WinRAR malware Windows explorada falha


WinRar crash continues to be exploited to install malware

WinRAR is one of the few software that has almost guaranteed presence in any Windows installation. This one is dedicated to compress or decompress files, in a simple and direct way.

But WinRAR, like any other app, is exposed to security issues. The latest, well-identified, is now being actively exploited and endangers Windows users.

WinRAR security flaw is serious and has been for 19 years exposed and gift for anyone to explore. The truth is that this is present in a simple DLL, which is no longer supported and maintained. The company responsible dealt with the problem immediately, but it still exists.

WinRAR continues to be used to infect PCs with malware

Even with a current update, the WinRAR security flaw remains exposed and available to be exploited. The problem is even in the lack of update that exists and that users insist on not doing.

The problem is so serious that it is being actively exploited and used to install malware on any machine, very discreetly and not simply to be detected. With a simple compressed file it is possible to infect any machine.

A simple example is being actively explored now. A file that supposedly contains the latest album by the artist Ariana Grande actually has inside it a known malware that infects Windows.

WinRAR continues to be used to infect PCs with malware

This RAR file (Ariana_Grande-thank_u, _next (2019) _ [320] .rar) extracts a list of harmless MP3 files into the victim's downloads folder, but also places a malicious EXE file into the Windows startup folder. Most protection software still does not detect this behavior and its presence. UAC itself is ignoring it and not alerting.

Once again it is proved that it is necessary and urgent that WinRAR be updated to the latest version. Only this one is protected against this failure and does not leave the users vulnerable. If you are not using WinRAR 5.70, it is imperative that you update this software so that it is protected.

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