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Will Robert Downey Jr. be Iron Man again? The actor responds


Will Robert Downey Jr. be Iron Man again? The actor responds

In addition, when questioned about the scope of the paper and that could be classified, he said he never saw it that way and that, in fact, he is more than ready to face the role of Sherlock Holmes in its third installment, which will be directed by Dexter Fletcher.

“Creating, associating and mixing with Tony Stark and the Marvel universe (…) Sometimes it has been incompatible with being creative, “he said of his work at the side of Kevin Feige, producer and president of the company.

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Because of the above, he accepted, there were times when things seemed monotonous and he could even drop the paper. “Your bosses looked like owners looking at their pets (…) Occasionally you wanted to finish everything and leave“It is worth remembering that for a long time there was talk about whether it was possible to do Iron Man 4.

But, precisely, he stressed the fact that never a character or a paper prolonged in time could fit into a type of performance. “I'm not my job, I'm not what I do with the study. I am not that period of time that happened to the character“, he sentenced.

So things, everything points to that Robert Downey Jr. will not be Iron Man again.

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