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Why the actor playing Shazam looks so familiar


Why the actor playing Shazam looks so familiar

Before you see him soar in action, here is a retrospective of some of the other works you may have seen starring Zachary Levi. If you were wondering, that's why the actor who plays Shazam looks so familiar.

In his first movie show, Levi got a supporting role in Big Shot: Confessions of a Bookie Campus. The film aired on FX in March 2002, and although the film was a flop, it was a great opportunity for Levi to add a movie credit to his acting resume. Before Big Shot, he only performed in theatrical productions. With Big Shot, Levi was able to wet his feet in Hollywood, which potentially served as a stepping stone to the next great achievement of his career.

ABC's Less Than Perfect was a moderately successful sitcom that debuted in 2002 and lasted until 2006. The series followed Claude Casey of Sara Rue, an employee of a television network. Other big names in the cast include Sherri Shepherd and Andy Dick, who played Claude's co-workers. However, it was Levi who actually made a name for himself as Kipp Steadman, Claude's elitist frenemy and main rival. He appeared in all 81 episodes of the series.

Playing Kipp, Levi began to see his life change. In a 2003 interview with Relevant Magazine, the 22-year-old opened his new fame:

I hope that there will always be at least a small part of me that is always surprised, always surprised, always childish. "It's strange that everything is not completely sunk yet, but at the same time I hope it never happens. or innocent in the whole process. "

Whereas in Shazam! he played a 14-year-old in the body of an adult, Levi apparently got his wish.

Watch the video to see more about why the actor who plays Shazam looks so familiar.

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Big Shot: Confessions of a Bookie Campus | 0:10
Less than perfect | 0:37
House of Big Momma 2 | 1:39
Chuck | 2:19
Wieners | 3:13
Radius Tones | 3:47
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel | 4:14
Video Game High School | 4:55
Thor: the world of darkness | 5:34
The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel | 6:14


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