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Who is Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old girl who swept the 2020 Grammy Awards


Who is Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old girl who swept the 2020 Grammy Awards

Despite having gone through a strong depression, the singer is building a career with resounding success

Billie Eilish

VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images

Maybe the name of Billie eilish It does not sound like many but that was until today, since the singer of just 18 years took five Grammys of the six to which she was nominated in the 2020 Grammy Awards. His awards were in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Recording of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Solo Vocal Pop Performance Y Best Vocal Pop Album.

The singer was astonished at so many awards and did not stop thanking her fans every time she went on stage to receive the gramophone. However, many do not know for sure who it is Billie eilish.

The singer was born in California and at the age of 14 she recorded the song “Ocean Eyes”, which became a phenomenon in the different platforms when he launched it in 2016. But not everything has been pink for the singer. Billie He confessed that at the age of 16 he wanted to take his own life in Berlin, Germany. The reason was a chronic depression “I felt very unhappy and sincerely came to think that I would not reach 17. I saw the window and I started crying just thinking about the fact of how I was going to die.” However, it was the moment he wrote his best-known subject he titled “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”.

Thanks to his mother, the screenwriter Maggi Baird, managed to go to professionals who helped her overcome this deep depression. Her family has played a very important role not only in that hard stage that the singer lived but in her professional career. His brother Finneas O'Connell He is an excellent composer, singer and supporting actor who has written songs for several artists including his sister Billie eilish.

But this is not all, at a very young age she was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, in which people have multiple chronic tics. However, since childhood she has been treated clinically with this and has been able to control it.

Even so, the talent of this 18-year-old girl has left more than one with her mouth open by beating artists such as Lizzo, Bon Iver and the same King's wool, who is one of the idols of the singer.

In addition, she is an irreverent young woman who wears loose clothes so that she is not judged by her appearance but by her talent and who has stood out as an activist for climate change. In the concerts of Billie There are no straws, no plastic bottles and he asks his fans to take their own water heaters.

Definitely, Billie eilish He is at the best moment of his life despite the lows that have been presented at his young age. This is probably only the beginning of a successful future that is sustainable over time in an industry as difficult as music.

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