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Whatsapp and Telegram are too vulnerable to computer attacks


Whatsapp and Telegram are too vulnerable to computer attacks

According to security services firm Symantec, hackers have it relatively easy even today to access the personal files of users of both applications.

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The signature of cybersecurity services Symantec, creator of some of the most popular antivirus programs on the market, has warned in its latest report about the high levels of vulnerability that arise from two of the most widely used applications in the world: instant messaging services Whatsapp Y Telegram.

More specifically, the company's experts are convinced that hackers have relatively easy, even with the sophisticated encryption processes that exist today, to access videos, photographs and conversations of users of both systems: all because of a common programming fault called 'Media File Jacking'.

“The origin of the problem is in the time lapse that exists, on the one hand, between the reception of a file and its recording on the disk and, on the other, when it is loaded into the user interface for its 'consumption' . It is in this brief period when the pirates can intervene and manipulate the contents without anyone noticing “, reads an extract of the presented document.

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“The potential consequences of these attacks are devastating, since third parties could be made with confidential documents, very sensitive images and other sensitive data. These practices could lead to blackmail and other forms of harassment based on the flagrant violation of the right to privacy and the protection of communications “, ensures the company.

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