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What is the history of Google's doodle of nachos?


What is the history of Google's doodle of nachos?

This Thursday, August 15 Google put in its search engine a doodle with the animation of a chef who prepares some nachos. Well, it is a tribute Ignacio Anaya García, for the 124 years of his birth.

Anaya García was a Mexican chef who was born on August 15, 1895 in the municipality of Acuña, who invented one of the most famous food accompaniments in his country: the totopos or nachos.

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According to his family, this 'snack' was born when he was already closing his store in Piedras Negras, near the border of Mexico with the United States. Suddenly, several clients arrived, and not to disappoint them he He took an omelet, cut it into triangle-shaped pieces, fried them and added grated cheese and several jalapeños.

Despite the popularity of this dish, Anaya García died without having any kind of royalties for this culinary invention. In addition, his son said he always said it was a normal meal that served to keep his customers happy.

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Some time later, one of Anaya García's children iHe tried to patent the 'totopos', but always failed, since in different restaurants in Mexico they served with Different accompaniments and in different ways.

This meal transcended its natural borders and even managed to mix with other culinary traditions. He arrived in Europe and conquered the palate of nations that have deep-rooted culinary customs, like Germany, where nachos are usually accompanied with white bavarian sausage, cheese and different sauces, with a good beer.

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