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What did Fede Bal say about “Dancing 2019”? | DailyShow

What did Fede Bal say about "Dancing 2019"? | DailyShow


What did Fede Bal say about “Dancing 2019”? | DailyShow

Fede Bal He spoke about the possibility of being present at the dance floor of the 2019 Dance, after Lourdes Sánchez publicly summoned him to be his partner on the track.

“Last year it seemed to me that I could not accommodate myself with the moment that was happening. One needs to renew. Sometimes it's okay to take a step on the side “, explained Fede in El Espectador, the cycle of Ángel de Brito on CNN Radio.

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On the other hand, the son of Carmen Barbieri He said: “If I get to be this year it's because they really fit in with a lot of things that I feel I can be. “

“The certain thing is that there is a formal and strong proposal that is to dance with Lourdes, I would love it, I have a pending talk with El Chato Prada and the production, I recently spoke with Lourdes and she wants to do it”, he added.




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