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'we are a couple with freedom'


'we are a couple with freedom'

Playing TV Globo / Instagram Belo

Once again the name of singer Belo was involved in a supposed story of betrayal. The artist has been married to Gracyanne Barbosa for a few years and turns and stirs the information that he cheated on his wife.

After another rumor spread, Gracyanne Barbosa gave an interview to RedeTV! 'S TV Fama show and talked about the case. She showed no concern about the alleged betrayal and explained why.

According to Gracyanne, rumors of the alleged betrayal of Belo often arise. She said she lost count of how many photos she has ever received from fans showing Belo embracing women. Usually the images come with a question: “Are you his lover?”.

Gracyanne explained that three or four months ago, when they returned to Rio de Janeiro, many people began talking about a woman who would be a lover of Belo. She explained that she didn't go after the woman because these rumors are frequent.

When Gracyanne opened a store, the alleged lover went to the scene. Graci's friends warned her about her presence. In an interview with TV Fama, she said she trusted 100% to her husband, assured him that he is a partner and called this woman an opportunist who wants 15 minutes of life-changing fame.

Gracyanne also commented that she talked to Belo about the case, because until then they had completely ignored the story of the alleged betrayal that began to circulate around. “We are a couple with a lot of freedom”said the wife of Belo. Rumors did not shake their relationship at all.

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