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Watch the trailer for the second season of Knightfall


Watch the trailer for the second season of Knightfall

From the next March 25th we can see the second season of Knightfall, the series of History based on the fall of the order of the Knights Templar.

While awaiting this expected new cycle, the chain revealed a new trailer, which you can see below.

This new advancement we can see more to Talus, the teacher of the Templars, which is interpreted by nothing less than Mark Hamill. This character will have a vital importance within the story centered on Landry du Lauzon (Tom Cullen), marking his return to the order after learning that the Holy Grail has reappeared.

The actor behind Luke Skywalker stated in the panel panel of the Television Critics Assosciation that “I've never done a character like this before: a religious fanatic, a man of deep convictions and, nevertheless, a paradox. “

“He is lecturing the troops and says: 'Once you become a Templar knight, you will become the executioner of God.' How could there be such a thing? I thought: 'You will not kill'. But that's the question, I felt flattered that they would think of me for the character, and I thought: 'Oh, I have to do this,' “the actor said.

“I really have to do this, to be part of a largely British cast and a period drama like this, that it had never been done before. That's what I'm looking for: challenges to try not to repeat, and this was undoubtedly a challenge, “he added.

The actor also referred to the parallels between the Knights Templar and the Jedi, stating that George Lucas “I was probably thinking more about the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Tablebecause it was something else idealized and glamorous that the Knights Templar, but there is no doubt that his inspiration was rooted, partially, in this mythology. “

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