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Wando appears in alleged psychography, and composes music straight from the world of the dead


Wando appears in alleged psychography, and composes music straight from the world of the dead

Many people believe in the afterlife. Spiritism is very popular here in Brazil. This week, for example, an alleged psychographed letter linked to singer Wando has reverberated on the Internet. The content could already be viewed on a website and also in a Youtube video. However, on Thursday, 19, a famous website shared the text, which is entitled even to an alleged song written by the artist in the “world of the dead”.

The letter begins with the alleged singer saying that he is surrounded by friends in paradise and is taking advantage of this moment to compose new songs. At another point, the musician says that time in the world of the dead is quite different from what happens in the world of the living.

He also says that the living are very innocent of their prowess and their designs, arguing that one must have wisdom in one's actions. “It makes us reflect, think about who we are, where we came from, where we are going. Of certainties only the paths traveled, the friends conquered, the loves lived. These things underscore our smallness or importance. ”, says an excerpt from the letter attributed to the singer.

At other times, the singer makes a point of revealing that people cannot value material goods because they make no difference in the story. Then, a song attributed to the artist, which speaks of love, is one of the brands that the singer has nurtured over the years.

On social networks, the content reverberated and many people were thrilled with the text, which helps many people in times of pain.

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