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Walkthroughs: Aries – Assassin's Creed Unity – Nostradamus Enigma

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Walkthroughs: Aries – Assassin's Creed Unity – Nostradamus Enigma

This video will guide you through Nostradamus Enigma, Aries. These side quests have you solving puzzles. You should go as far as the puzzle is referring to and then simply find the symbol using the eagle's vision. This is easier said than done without a guide, which is where I come in. I'll be showing you where all the symbols are, so all you have to do is walk through the areas I go.

Most puzzles have 3 puzzles, you need to solve all of them to complete the mission. Once you have completed, you will receive a snippet of Nostradamus. You need to get all these items to unlock the medieval armor found in the basement of the Cafe Theater and the trophy / conquest of the Past. You'll also unlock the "Precision Accuracy" / Achievement trophy by completing one of them.

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