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Video: Cassia discovers Agno's dating with Holy Hand and revolts: 'I do not accept gay father'


Video: Cassia discovers Agno's dating with Holy Hand and revolts: 'I do not accept gay father'

Agno has been able to hide from almost everyone who is gay, in the previous chapters of the novel The Lady of the Piece he separated from his wife and Lyris well that tried to reveal his great secret, but failed, but soon the rich can get along bad.

Is that according to a video shared on the web, Cassia will find that her father is relating with Leandro, also known as Hand Santa and will be shocked.

This whole mess will begin when Agno and Octavio get together to get Fabiana out of the builder's society, the shrew will even be barred at the company's reception and after being humiliated will promise revenge on the two. First she'll sneak up on Vivi Guedes's dad, getting her to know Sabrina, and then say she didn't know the girl was Otavio's lover.

The digital influencer will be furious because her father had promised her no more lovers. Vivi will have a hard talk with Octavius, but Beatriz will hear everything from behind the door and stop her treachery by expelling him from home. Having managed to destroy her sister's foster father's marriage, Fabiana will set off to attack Agno and take revenge on him, make Cassia discover everything and walk away from her father when he learns that he is gay and had been hiding it from her. all.

Fabiana will take the girl to her father's house and talk to her there, until Cassia asks if she and Agno are dating, but the villain says she is far from it. At this moment, Leandro will arrive and then yes, the plan of the vixen will be put into action. When the young woman sees that boy entering his father's apartment, he will ask if he lives there and then he will know the whole truth.

“That's what you need to know, Cassia. Your father is gay”, will say the vindictive. Cassia will ask Agno if it's really true what Fabiana just said and the businessman will decide to open the game, telling everything to his daughter.

“I am your daughter, I had a right to know. Well my mom said you were gay, ” will say the devastated girl.

Leandro will still try to soften the situation by saying that he and the businessman are just friends, but it will be too late. “I don't accept gay dad”, Cassia will say that she will run away, disappointed that she was deceived.

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