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'Vanderson left, she has to go out to be interrogated'


'Vanderson left, she has to go out to be interrogated'

The BBB19 could have one more expulsion, at least if it depends on the Internet users who are on Twitter campaigning for Paula to leave the global reality immediately.

Because of some statements that sister has been giving inside Big Brother Brazil, she ended up being criticized in social networks and now the police wants her to give testimony as soon as possible.

On Twitter, the hashtag #PaulaExpulsa is among the most talked about issues on Friday night, 22nd. A web surfer insisted that justice must be done, since if Vanderson was expelled to testify at the police, then it is not right the delegate go to Big Brother Brazil to listen to Paula, she should be removed from the game just like Globo did with the Acre.

If I were Vanderson and Paula was not expelled I would put a tasty little piece on the Globe. What’s for one has to be for everyone“Commented an internet user.

Paula made controversial comments on BBB19

Paula and Maycon were charged with racist comments, according to the public. The brother has already been eliminated from reality, but the blonde is still in the game. Paula even said that she is afraid of Rodrigo because he has ‘contact with this Oxum business’.

She even made some controversial comments about issues such as quotas and also black humor.

The Twitter campaign continues and if Globo kicked out Vanderson so he could testify outside the BBB19, he might take the same attitude toward Paula.

However, so far the broadcaster has not spoken about it.

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