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Unlock All Guide – Mortal Kombal 11

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Unlock All Guide – Mortal Kombal 11

Here are some tricks to unlock all locations in La Kripta in this new MK11 originally known as Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat 11 is released today for PS4, Xbox One and PC (for Switch on May 10).

The Kripta has been greatly expanded in this new Mortal Kombat and we can explore the island of Shang Tsung, which is full of puzzles and closed doors.

It seems fun but exploring the area can be a bit complicated.

The Kripta is the place where we will spend our rewards obtained in the game to unlock new attacks, brutalities, costumes and other elements of the game.

Although not all the key elements can be achieved here. Some you should get by completing challenges or unlocking certain things.

For you to progress a little faster in Mortal Kombat 11, here we leave you a series of indications and tricks on how to unlock each area and where to find the key elements you need to progress.

The hammer of Shao Kahn 

The hammer is located near the beginning of the Kripta, and will give you access to most of the areas on the island’s floor.

It is one of the fundamental objects of the game that you can not miss.

The horn of Motaro

You will need this object to access the crypts and go deeper into the island.

To get it, you have to go to the Warrior’s Sanctuary and destroy the meteorite to get the Gem of the Living.

In the courtyard, in the gong room there is a closed door that requires this gem.

Go back to the vault through this door and use the switch to find the Motaro Horn. It allows you to unlock the subway.

Amulet of soul of Ermac

At Goro’s Lair, check the southwest corner for a corridor that leads to a circular room.

Take the elevator down to reach the lower pit where Ermac will fall on the spikes: take your soul Amulet to unlock the power of soul control.

With the amulet, you can unlock the objects in the Kripta that are bright green.

You can also reach new areas by spending souls. You can use the soul Amulet to fix the bridge in the Pit for 1,000 souls.

Lanza by Hanzo Hasashi

Locate this item in The Armory through the corridor behind Goro’s corpse in Goro’s Throne Room.

You can throw the chain-shaped spear at unreachable objects to unlock new paths like the lanterns on the wooden bridge.

You can also use the spear to throw corpses. You will break them in half and collect the Heart from within.

Kenshi’s band

This special band allows you to see the realm of spirits, making invisible places and objects visible.

To find the Kenshi bandage, you have to travel to the prisons down the corridor to the right in the Throne Room of Goro.

Use the bandage wherever you have been before to reveal new weak walls and any other secrets you have overlooked.

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