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TV network! skid in audience with “Knitting” and “Ball Talk”


TV network! skid in audience with “Knitting” and “Ball Talk”

Val Marchiori in “Knitting”; Edie Polo at “Ball Talk”: RedeTV attractions! Bitter Low Audience (Images: Spread / Play – RedeTV!)

THE TV network! faces two serious problems in prime time: “Knitting” and “Ball Talk”. This Tuesday (20), according to data obtained in Greater São Paulo, the attractions were well below the expectations of the broadcaster, damaging the audience of “RedeTV! News ”. Sônia Abrão and Luciana Gimenez, once again, accounted for the best averages of the house.

The “Knitting” – with Franklin David, Lígia Mendes, Marcia Fernandes and Val Marchiori – bitter 0.3 points. The same was true of Edie Polo's “Ball Talk”. By way of comparison, the telecult displayed before the programs also scored 0.3, with a slight disadvantage in the tenths (0.27 x 0.31).

Without assistance, “RedeTV! News ”failed to go beyond 0.7 points. The news from Amanda Klein and Boris Casoy was, however, ahead of other productions on the channel, such as João Kléber's “Você na TV” (0.6), “Olga” with Olga Bongiovanni (0.5) and the journalist “ It's News ”(0.4).

Tuesday's top five performances on RedeTV! “Edu Guedes and You” (0.9), “TV Fama” (1), “Dynamic Reading” (1.3), “Luciana By Night” (1.7) and “Afternoon Is Yours” ”(1,8).

Duh Secco is “telemaniac” since childhood. In 2014, he created the blog “Vivo no Viva”, reflecting soap operas and other attractions of Canal Viva. He was hired by Globosat the following year. Join the team RD1 since 2016, as reporter and columnist. It is also on social networks and YouTube (@DuhSecco), always revering the history of TV and commenting on current productions.

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