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Tom Holland says the Uncharted movie will be a story of origin


Tom Holland says the Uncharted movie will be a story of origin

The movie of Uncharted He has had many problems on his way to reach the big screen, highlighting among them the loss of his sixth director in December. But Tom holland, Chosen to give life to the protagonist of the franchise, said that the delivery is on a good path.

In an interview with IGN, while promoting his new movie Onward beside Chris Pratt, referred to what will be the live-action adaptation of Uncharted. Holland said the screenplay for the film is “one of the best” he has read and said “it really jumps off the page.”

While the film has suffered several casualties, especially from directors, Holland remains optimistic about the delivery, stating that he is “super excited” to work in the franchise and that it has something that the rest of the video game movies would not have .

“It's an origin before the games,” Holland said. “If you have played video games, you have not seen what will happen in the movie, and if you have not played the games, you will enjoy the movie because it is information that everyone is receiving at the same time.”

Similarly, Holland talked about what it will be like to work with Mark Walhberg, who had been proposed to play Drake himself in the original idea of ​​the film a long time ago, but who will end up giving life to Sully, the companion of the young Nathan Drake.

“I think Mark Wahlberg will do a great job like Sully and it will be a lot of fun,” he added.

You can watch the interview here (and laugh a little with Chris Pratt):

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