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Through a video, actor Juan Pablo Espinosa revealed that he is gay


Through a video, actor Juan Pablo Espinosa revealed that he is gay

Juan Pablo Espinosa, a well-known Colombian actor, recently used his official Instagram account to reveal spontaneously to his followers that he is gay. Although the actor had not talked about the subject before, this time he decided to do it as an important detail for him.

In a video published on the digital platform, which then went on to Instagram TV, the Colombian actor expressed how much it meant for him to start his life with the support of his family, after telling them about their sexual preferences.

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He stated that it is the “Happiest man” in the world for having friends, colleagues and family members who supported him during all this time, in the personal process that leads to his intimate life. He stressed that he could always count on the company of those who respected and advised him.

“I think for many it is very obvious and very clear, but I want it to come out of my mouth and I want to tell you, today more than ever, I'm gay, I'm the luckiest man on the planet. “, he claimed Espinosa between laughter

In the moving message, Juan Pablo took the opportunity to highlight the “unconditional” love he has had from those around him, because despite the fact that some people already knew about their sexual orientation, there was always real support.

“I have been doing a wonderful process, through meditation, of loving myself, of forgiving myself, but, above all, of accepting myself,” said the artist who is living outside of Colombia.

Similarly, Juan Pablo Espinosa He confessed that from a very young age he has looked for references that help him deal with this situation and some of the characters that inspired him were Ricky Martin and Ellen DeGeneres.

Juan Pablo Espinosa is remembered for participating in productions like 'A Corazón Abierto', 'Secretos del Paraíso' and 'Narcos'.

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