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They withdrew the charges for sexual assault against Kevin Spacey | DailyShow


They withdrew the charges for sexual assault against Kevin Spacey | DailyShow

This Wednesday in the United States, prosecutors withdrew charges for an alleged sexual assault in 2016 against the actor Kevin Spacey, after the young man who had accused him definitively desisted from the accusations.

On July 5, the alleged victim, who had accused Spacey of sexual assault, dropped the charges in the civil trial that took place in a Massachusetts court, the Spanish news agency Efe said.

The young man who had presented the accusation, who is the son of the journalist of the TV channel WCVB Heather Unruh, denounced that in July 2016 the actor, awarded with two Oscars, put his hand in his pants inside a bar in Nantucket. The alleged incident happened when the accuser was 18 years old and the statute of limitations expired in the same week in which the plaintiff made the decision. But Spacey, 59, pleaded innocent to the charges last January.

In a court appearance on June 3, Spacey defended his innocence and his lawyers urged the judge to demand a “complete and unaltered” forensic copy of the complainant's phone number, as it would contain messages and photographs that would prove his innocence .

After that, the defense lawyers and the Prosecutor's Office engaged in a dispute over the accuser's phone number, which apparently had been lost. According to the young man's complaint, he began to talk in a friendly manner with Spacey at the bar where he worked, and he lied about his age, saying he was 23 years old instead of 18. The waiter explained to the police that Spacey bought him several alcoholic drinks (the minimum age for drinking alcohol in the state of Massachusetts is 21 years), and he insisted several times to go to his house until, later, he stroked his thigh and unbuttoned his pants, rubbing his penis for about three minutes

The complainant said he did not know what to do because he did not want to get into trouble for drinking without being allowed to age and published a recording of the alleged sexual touch on the Snapchat social network. Spacey was going to serve a sentence of up to two years in prison if convicted.

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