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These guides will help you get to the different Black Mirror endings: Bandersnatch


These guides will help you get to the different Black Mirror endings: Bandersnatch

Part of the fun of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is given by the different options offered by the interactive film to viewers to determine the fate of its protagonist, Stefan. But while the first decisions are as simple as determining which cereal to eat, as the story progresses things become a little more complicated.

In that sense, the drastic decision-making scenarios posed by the film can confuse viewers making it almost impossible to explore all the different ends in a universe of a billion possibilities.

However, to help those who are interested in seeing all the material of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch without getting lost including its different endings, several fans of the series have created diagrams to understand what options allow you to reach a certain point.

Consider that most of these diagrams contain spoilers of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Still in a field without many spoilers, the user of Reddit Madarasi012 He created a pretty general diagram that basically shows the paths of each decision.

Already in a slightly more specific style, but without revealing exactly the different endings, the user Kicos018 He also created a guide where he details the options that allow reaching certain scenarios, making a distinction in the alternatives that will lead sooner or later to certain paths. Ideal for those who do not want to spend so much time exploring the movie.

The following diagram, created by the Reddit user, Alpine, not only contains spoilers on each end, but how graphic decisions that seem smaller have repercussions in later history, as for example, the famous choice of cereal.

Finally, a guide to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch created by the user Scrixie in Reddit not only presents the different decisions and their respective consequences, but also shows which decisions allow you to unlock other options as the story progresses. For example, having Stefan talk about his mom allows access to certain keys, while having Colin jump unlocks other options.

Although, none of these diagrams assures that you will like the end of the film, at least with them in hand it will be easier to explore the bet of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

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