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The Viper: The Seagull was thrown to the vice of alcohol?


The Viper: The Seagull was thrown to the vice of alcohol?

Our gossip snake tells details about the accident recently suffered Angelica Rivera

Dear ones, Seagull It has me worried. I think the poor thing has thrown herself into vice. What I do not know is why. I have two theories, one is because he can not stand that his life no longer has the glamor of the past six years – you know, private plane, free make-up artist, hobnobbing with the royalty of Britain, designer dresses of thousands of dollars to charge of the public treasury-, and the other one that she does not appear in the magazines of fifí people, as it happens with her ex, Enrique Peña Nieto.

That for her, who is now unemployed, without a white house, without a millionaire boyfriend, and traveling by plane in a shag class, must be devastating.

I tell you this because it was learned that a few days ago he had an accident in Mexico City supposedly because he was drunk. If it were rich we would say drunk or with several glasses of more, but since it has already gone down in category we will say things as they are: that she was drunk.

According to a “friend”, the injury hit her head, one eye turned purple and her jaw dropped. Although you know, the daughters, who feel they are still socialites, say that their mother is fine, that nothing happened to her. However, they say that the thing was so serious that even the operations room went to give the poor Gaviotita.

Supposedly Angelica Rivera was so drunk she could barely walk, and when she got home, when she tried to climb some stairs, she slipped and gave a whiff of those who make you laugh a lot when you see them in memes. What happened to him is not for less after he hit a railing and rolled down the steps.

The news spread like wildfire, but the family, or rather the daughters, did everything possible to avoid ruining the clean reputation of the former lady. With telling them that even bodyguards came to the hospital.

Regarding your drinking, I say that you have many reasons to try to forget your past and your present. Having been married to the two men who was married must have been very traumatic and frightening. Also, imagine that you want to interview Faces, Who or one of those publications of pure falsehood, and have nothing to talk about or brag about. And on the other hand, his ex does come out in a pile of magazines with his girlfriend twenty years younger than him and lives happily in his mansion in an exclusive area of ​​Madrid.

I guess that must have her bitter and crying her luck. But she already knew that the glass bubble was temporary, and that the price she had to pay was very high.

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