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The turnabout in the death of Ricardo Boechat that leaves Brazil astonished


The turnabout in the death of Ricardo Boechat that leaves Brazil astonished

That year, the death of journalist Ricardo Boechat shocked the country. The presenter of Jornal da Bandeirantes was at its peak and died in a helicopter accident that occurred in the state of São Paulo. A few months after Ricardo Boechat's death, however, a reversal appears in the case. This is what a UOL portal article shows this week.

Journalist Veruska Seibel Boechat, a widow of Ricardo Boechat, filed a lawsuit against the Libbs company. The goal is to try to find out who would be responsible for her husband's death. For now, the information the widow received is that the pharmacist was responsible for chartering the air transport that ended up killing the media professional.

The process after the death of journalist

On the day of his death, journalist Ricardo Boechat had given a speech earlier. He was to go from Campinas to the headquarters of the Band, in the state of São Paulo. Unfortunately, the pilot of the aircraft ended up having problems and the flight did not arrive until the end, killing him and Boechat. The pilot was identified as Ricardo Quatrucci, 56 years old.

In a petition lodged on 4 April at the 26th Civil Court, Veruska demands that Libbs submit the contract for the transport and hire of the helicopter, which would not be suitable for the transport of passengers.

Ricardo's widow does not want any compensation at the moment. For now, it will only receive the symbolic value of $ 1000 every month, until the court determines who really has guilty in the case and if the company has even a significant stake in the accident.

It is worth remembering that Ricardo Boechat lived his height as a communicator. In addition to consolidating himself in Jornal da Band, he also anchored radio programs on Radio Band News in Rio de Janeiro. After the death of the communication professional, the municipality of Duque de Caxias, in the Baixada Fluminense do Rio, decided to pay homage to him. A school named Ricardo Boechat was created in the district of Doctor Laureano.

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