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The truth about the supposed HIV of Nacho Vidal


The truth about the supposed HIV of Nacho Vidal

Nacho Vidal is one of the most important figures in the adult film industry for many years. His performance and fame related to his virile member have led him to become one of the largest references of this content.

However, the porn actor was at the center of several news from Spanish media that ensured that after some medical examinations, the results would have thrown positive for a serious illness in your body.

As it was reflected in different international media, all this information related to Spanish was published by the Catalan portal The National, which claimed that The porn industry was shocked after the strong news that related the health of Vidal.

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In the article published by the media details of an alleged examination that the artist made in “The best clinic in Barcelona” and in which HIV positive had emerged. There is also specified that Nacho Vidal He will pronounce himself in this regard, by means of an official communique to tell his faithful followers.

However, after the news was massified in different Spanish media, the portal Jaleos looked for sources close to the subject and He denied the words that were expressed in El Nacional.

Jaleos decided to contact Nacho Vidal and his mother, Inmaculada González, to corroborate this information, in spite of the fact that the actor refused to touch the delicate topic due to other people's and personal occupations.

On the other hand, the mother of the Spanish wanted to talk to the publication to deny the news that had caused a serious controversy. In his statements, González affirms that it is not true that his son has HIV and the sources that spread this should not be reliable.

This is not something that is published through reliable sources, but it is not at all true that my son has HIV“, Maintained Immaculate before the rumors that directly affect the actor.

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“How many times have Miguel Bosé been publicly killed? (…) they have invented it to have a bit of prominence. My son is very clear, and if at this moment he says he is busy and can not speak, it will be so. But he has nothing to hide and less if it is not true“, Affirmed the mother of the Spaniard, while clarifying that everything is about false news.

Although Nacho Vidal has not commented on this issue, It is important to remember that the actor entered a medical center in March 2018 due to health problems, so he had to cancel his presence in the Telecinco program. The causes were a complete secret for the international media.

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