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The spiral of the White Walkers


The spiral of the White Walkers

The last season of game of Thrones It already started and the great war that will define everything is approaching, but we still have to wait a little longer for that, since the preparations are still in force for the battle in Winterfell. Spoilers below.

In that scenario, while the White Walkers are already walking south, the forces of the Night King were completely absent from the first chapter of the eighth season. Well, almost absent, since in any case you could see a sign of his presence: a spiral made with a collection of members, with the little Ned Umber in the center. Transformed into a creature.

The only possible solution is found by Beric: to bury his sword of fire to set fire to the signal of death left by his enemies who are advancing towards the south.

Before that scene, there are three people who discover the spiral: Tormund, Edd and Beric. But it is only the latter who makes it clear that the spiral is a message from the King of the Night. But as it usually happens in game of Thrones, the answers are not put on the table just like that. The mystery of the spiral is still there, since this is not the first time we have seen these types of signs of the White Walkers.

The first sign of the White Walkers was in the first chapter of the series, where a group of savages are mutilated and reordered on the snow.

But perhaps the most important signal is at the beginning of all mythology. In the popular episode “The Door” of the sixth season, we not only knew the origin and end of Hodor, but also that of the King of the Night itself. The creatures known as “the children of the forest” bury a vidriagon dagger to a man in front of a tree with red leaves. Later, in front of that same place, the White Walkers advance making the spiral shape.

The spiral was also discovered in the caves of Rocadragón, being directly identified as a signal left in place by “the children of the forest”. But this signal had no relation to the origin of the White Walkers. The brand was a reminder of the battle that the dead lost to the alliance of children with the first men and the subsequent creation of the wall that protected Westeros.

But that spiral has appeared on other occasions. For example, in the third chapter of the third season, Jon Snow finds the remains of the horses of his murdered companions of the Night's Watch. But what remains of the equines is discovered in this striking figure that attracts everything towards the center.

In that sense, although it is a symbol created by the extinct children of the forest and was adopted by the White Walkers, the clear thing is that its signal indicates that the center is the key. The King of the Night And that's where the big question arises:

Could it be that the only weakness of the dead is that they can not exist without their king?

At least it is clear that the spiral without its center disperses.

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