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The particular approach of Ximena Capristo to Gustavo Conti | DailyShow


The particular approach of Ximena Capristo to Gustavo Conti | DailyShow

Ximena Capristo Y Gustavo Conti met in 2001, both participated in “ Big Brother“, the place where love was born. Since then they never separated and that adds that they are parents of Felix, who is already three years old. After almost two decades as a couple, the artist considered that the appropriate time came to try new experiences in love: “One day I asked him, what do you think if we open the couple at 50?“.

We love each other, I don't want another man. It would just be nice to have 'allowed'. An open couple is not the same as polyamory“, said the media in”The Infernal Wall “, the cycle driven by Marley

I love him. I do not want to separate. I choose him every day, he is the best father in the world, we have a good time, we have fun. We are married, but we are like boyfriends. I would never cheat on my husband. But it would be a seasoning that suits the couple “, the 42-year-old panelist argued at the watchful eye of the cycle driver.

Xime Capristo proposed to Gustavo Conti to open the couple after 19 years of love and a son involved.

I don't want anyone. I don't have anyone in sight either. We have excellent sex, it doesn't happen there. It is good not to stay with the desire and be transparent in the couple. I don't talk about cheating. I was never unfaithful in all these years“he argued in”Confronted“, cycle in which he is a panelist.

But what does Conti think about his partner's approach? “He tells me that we are going to have to keep talking because there is no agreement. But he is not angry or anything“, Hill.

Watch the video in which Ximena Capristo talks about opening the couple with Gustavo Conti!

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