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The new update of No Man's Sky will include a new multiplayer experience

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The new update of No Man's Sky will include a new multiplayer experience

Eight months had to pass so that No Man's Sky will announce a new important update. Titled Beyond, this improvement free It will include several important changes to the Hello Games title.

The co-founder of the company, Sean Murray, announced that it will be similar to Next, the update appeared last July.

One of the most prominent changes will be the provisionally called No Man's Sky Online, defined by Murray as “a new and radical social and multiplayer experience that allows players from all over the universe to come together and play together. “

On the content and the changes that will come with this improvement, Murray assured that there will be “many recognizable online elements. These changes are a response to how we have seen people play since the launch of Next, and it's something we've dreamed about for a long time. “

For now, these changes have not been detailed in more detail, as well as neither has its release date been discussed.

“We will talk more about each of the three main components of Beyond when we know we can be precise, and we hope to share more in the coming weeks“, Affirmed Murray on its final content.

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