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The moving video of Dove Cameron | DailyShow


The moving video of Dove Cameron | DailyShow

The sudden death of Cameron Boyce At age 20 he surprised the whole world. Thousands of fans expressed themselves on social networks to honor the actor they had seen in the Disney series, “Jessie” and “Los Descendants”.

Days after the sad news was known, his co-workers also remembered him and all agreed that he was a unique person. Dove Cameron, protagonist of “The descendants”, shared in Instagram a touching video in which he reads a letter he wrote about his great friend.

“I feel very strange when publishing something about Cameron, because he felt it was something very intimate, emotional and private, and social networks are the opposite: I really did not know how to describe, how to put the words together, I did not know what to do,” He said.

Then he grabbed a piece of paper and read without being able to hold back the tears: “I've just been quiet and crying, I've never stuttered or could not speak before this, my system is in shock, my brain is still confused and full of holes, but I'll try to write … Victor Y Libby, you are the ones I think about. My heart suffers for you. I'm undone for you. I'm not close to feeling what you should be feeling and I'm very sorry. ”

And followed: “I will never have enough words to describe the pain I feel and the love I have for them.” Cameron was one of my favorite people in the world, I know I'm not the only one who thinks … Cameron was magic, he was an angel of the For the last 6 years, when he was only 14 years old, Cameron consoled me for my innumerable falls, helped me during my eating disorders, helped me to come out of a dark relationship and an endless emotional crisis “.

“He would whisper in my ear the dance steps on live television when I did not even know what he was doing, or he would hold my hand softly to communicate without words because we knew we were thinking the same, I can not count on my hands the times we ruined the scenes because we could not help making ourselves laugh “, he added.

In addition, Dove defined his friend in a very special way: “Everyone talks about how talented he was, and without a doubt he was the most talented, most will never know, but Cameron's special was that he was who he was in those moments where no one was watching, in moments between great moments, where I had to be good or kind, because I was the best. “

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“Goodbye my dear friend and brother, you leave a wake and a deep abyss that can never be filled in. You leave millions of people impacted, you leave them full of hope and love that they are what they are for you. your short 20 years on this Earth, you were a gift to the world, we can only long to be like you, and you deserved more time Goodbye my angel of Earth I will spend the rest of my life missing you and loving you I am better for having known you ” concluded.

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