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The meme that recalls the DC premieres that were not


The meme that recalls the DC premieres that were not

An image has been haunting social networks, these days in which the superhero premieres of DC Comics Y Warner they rest until the distant Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) or the out of canon Joker (October 2019).

It is a photo -or meme- that shows the premiere grid of DC, when they still had a wide range of films based on their characters completely planned on the blackboard Zack Snyder -as show the extras of Man of Steel Y Batman v Superman

In the photo, it can be seen as it would have been released “The Flash” on March 23, 2018, with Ezra Miller as the scarlet sprinter, who probed his appearance in a cameo in Suicide Squad that was directed by Snyder himself. Instead, what we had was Miller in the Justice League by Joss Whedon and the aforementioned cameo. The last thing that was learned is that the actor's contract, which is still linked to Warner by the saga Fantastic animals, already expired and something would have to happen out of series so that the project that has changed writers and writers in infinite opportunities is completed.

We could see Shazam! in April and although it was not a great success in terms of revenue, at least it left the critics and fans of the character in the comics happy. But what stands out most is that June 14 would have been released Justice League II, the sequel to the movie that Zack Snyder failed to finish after to be fired by the studio in the midst of a personal tragedy.

From then on, everything is even more fiction: on April 3, 2020, it played the premiere of Cyborg, the solo movie of the man-machine played by Ray Fischer -to whom the contract has already expired- which, judging also by the behavior of the actor in their social networks and in the conventions they attend, will not be completed either.

Everything ended on June 19, 2020 with the premiere of Green Lantern Corps, the film that would seek to mimic what was done with Ryan Reynolds as protagonist, a failure before DC's major failure.

DC's plans are less accelerated today and it was delivered to Matt Reeves the control of Batman for a story that will be a re-start of the Knight of the Night with Robert Pattinson like Bruce Wayne. We also know that Wonder Woman Y Aquaman they enjoy good health after the premiere of their respective films and sequels are being developed for each of them. Of Superman, it is not known from the little famous reflections of Joss Whedon what mutilated the face of Henry Cavill, who would have even preferred to star in the series “The Witcher” to make a cameo in Shazam !.

Will there be someone from the multiverse that managed to see the complete grid that DC once announced for its characters?

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