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The heroes of the Post-Crisis Arrowverse will ignore the existence of the Multiverse


The heroes of the Post-Crisis Arrowverse will ignore the existence of the Multiverse

“Worlds will die, worlds will live and nothing will ever be the same.” That is the main premise of Crisis in Infinite Lands that the Arrowverso tried to capture in his television bet during his most recent crossover. And although certainly several dynamics of the series will remain as in the previous seasons, the consequences of the event have already begun to manifest in that universe.

But while we have to wait until the premiere of the new chapters of each series to know the particular changes in their plots, there is a post-Crisis modification that will be common for the entire Arrowverse: the heroes will not be aware of the existence of the Multiverse.

(Spoilers from Crisis in Infinite Lands then)

Crisis in Infinite Lands finished with the creation of a new multiverse where all the series of DC emitted by The CW are grouped in the same world: the Prime Earth, and where other adaptations of DC comics like Titans, Doom Patrol, Satrgirl Y Superman Returns They live in parallel universes.

But while Flash and Supergirl quickly realized the merger of their Lands, they and the rest of the heroes They don't know that Oliver Queen's sacrifice also revived the Multiverse.

According to crossover producer Marc Guggenheim, “Prime Earth heroes don't know that there is still a Multiverse. ” So if in an episode of those series they see the characters swearing that the parallel Lands no longer exist would not be a script error.

In fact, in the most recent episode of Supergirl this new status quo was tested for Prime Earth since Braniac 5 He noted that, according to his readings, “the Multiverse was dead.” All clear unless “there was a frequency of vibrations unknown to man.”

As anticipated a preview, the next episode of The flash It will also deal with the alleged disappearance of the Multiverse. So it is likely that the scarlet sprinter series will give more background in this regard.

But for now the truth is that for a while the heroes of the Arrowverse will believe that the Multiverse no longer exists and therefore that everything that is on Prime Earth is the only thing left of reality.

Of course, that will lead to variations in the plot especially of series like The flash that constantly deal with that idea and will also serve as a justification to keep the characters of the other Lands away for the moment from the Arrowverse.

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