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The great success of “They in me”


The great success of “They in me”

“Ellas en mí”, Guillermo Gil's uinipersonal, with Pinky's voice on his return to the theater, is presented every Saturday at five in the afternoon at the Regina Theater in Avenina Santa Fe.

Guillermo returned to the stage to show that he not only knows how to laugh, but also to reflect and to move. It goes through a unipersonal, from the B side of the artist.

A show that takes place from Mirtha Legrand, Graciela Borges, Tita Merello, China Zorrilla, until Fernando Peña and Guillermo's own mother among others. It is a show. It is an evocation of the Argentine spectacle, a portrait of celebrities from another era, but also of the fear of continuing or dying and disappearing.

She is a unipersonal interpellated with the voice of one of the greatest female announcers of all time, Pinky, in her return to the Theater. But also with the multimedia participation of great figures such as Graciela Borges, Silvio Soldán and the interaction in off of Karina K and Pato Benegas, among other surprises. A new multimedia show based on old precepts, and great concepts. It is fiction, it is reality, it is a dream or it is simply what they left in it. Without realizing that he also left a lot of himself in them.

The value of the entrance goes from the 250 pesos.

The cast is composed of Guillermo Gil and Pinky's voice

Author: Guillermo Gil – Nahuel Gonzalez

Fly Characterization: NatanSolans

Make-up artist: Make-up Agustin Malee

Multimedia: AgustinDaiello

Social networks: Rodolfo Ibañez

Press: Agency AB Ale Benevento

Wigs and hairpieces: FabianSigona

Costume design: Dustin Vera

Clothing: JorgelinaFontanet

Photography – Plank Studio: Nacho Lunadei

Graphic Design: Nahuel Lamoglia

Executive production: Jorgelina Elía

Production assistant: Inti Zuñiga

Assistant Director: Muaricio Viñas

Direction: Nahuel Gonzalez Mosca General Production: Morant Producciones – Guillermo Morant

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