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“The game is a living world where once the impact of your actions”

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“The game is a living world where once the impact of your actions”

This Friday was released Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the new installment of the saga of Ubisoft, which this time will move us to the city of Washington D.C. seven months after the so-called “black Friday”.

The Division 2, is a sequel to the game released in 2016, the franchise takes place in a United States devastated by a biological weapon known as “Fever of the Dollar”. It is in this context, that the player, who is part of a group known as “The Division”, which corresponds to a group of people trained in secret by the Government, becomes the last hope to save what is left.

About this game, we had the opportunity to talk with Louis Trupin, Senior International Product Manager of The Division 2. The new options, how the story develops and the post-game content are some of the topics we deal with.

  • How has the game extended in relation to the first part?

The Division 2 is an improved version of the first installment, because throughout these three years since The Division was launched, there has been a lot of information, we have had a lot of feedback from the community and all this feedback we have taken and taken with us to the game.

This is why since the launch, there is everything you could hope for, but we have also prepared more content, such as additional content for the game for a whole year after the launch.

  • Are there new features in the game, for example in the personalization of characters?

Absolutely, there are a lot of new mechanics and systems that we have added in The Division 2, such as character customization, we are giving players a wide spectrum of options, to change the hair, the face, the body type, etc.

There is much more than what we were used to in The Division, but besides all that, it is the game itself, which is a living world, where the impact of your actions. You see all these factions trying to take control seven months after the attack, and you're trained to help civilians, as you help see the impact they have on the world and see them interact with each other.

  • Is there an evolution in the RPG element?

What is most important to us is to be sure that the RPG mechanics, which is the ability to improve your character, with lots of different content, equipment, weapons, skills, all that, is easy to understand on its surface. But, also that the time you spend optimizing the equipment, the weapons, seeing the advantages … the more time you spend, the more rewards you will get, and this is our philosophy for the RPG.

  • How does the game change when going from New York to Washington?

First of all it's a lot of research, it's a lot of time traveling to Washington DC, exploring the city, catching the vibe, staying a few days, meeting specialists, who are the ones who prepare the emergency system and try to understand how the The city would react to such an event.

Washington, offers a greater variety of structures, lots of different areas and areas, which we are able to reproduce, such as work areas, commercial areas. There is a great variety, which gives many opportunities.

  • Is there a future possibility that the saga will move to another city or country?

Definitely what happens in The Division one and two, has an impact at the national level, but today we are focused on what is happening in Washington.

  • Are there changes in the dark areas?

We took something that is very unique to The Division and a formula that was very effective, the PVE (Player vs. Environment) and PVP (Player vs. Player), and we did better. We made the whole area more accessible, making sure that the rewards are commensurate with the time they spend. Today we have three areas in the east, south and west of Washington, all are introduced with their own missions, and have their own areas, their own style.

  • One of the most striking points of The Division 1, is the context in which it develops. How was this worked in this second part?

The history of The Division 2 is definitely linked to what happened in the first installment, in this you were in the middle of the crisis, it was happening, only a few weeks had passed, here 7 months have passed, then it is built on that fantasy that all the contingency plans did not work, with a society that is on the verge of collapse, and you have to rebuild it.

  • DLC plans and new content after the launch?

We have an entire year of free scheduled content, there are three episodes that will arrive, with new stories, new locations, new experiences, new modes, and among that, we will add even more content, more specializations, weapons. There will be more challenges and more rewards.


The Division 2 went on sale during the day today and is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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