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The future of Green Arrow is the big question of Crisis in Infinite Lands


The future of Green Arrow is the big question of Crisis in Infinite Lands

The first batch of episodes of Crisis in Infinite Lands It has come to an end and to the sadness of the fans they will have to wait until mid-January to know what will happen to the heroes of the Arrowverso in the new crossover that threatens to destroy and reform the entire Multiverse.

In that sense, with the time of the cameos in the past, it is time to start reviewing the seeds that left the first three episodes with a view to the rest of the Crisis and the future of the Arrowverso.

Of course, to review that and specifically the story of Oliver Queen we will enter the field of spoilers.

When it was announced that Arrow would end after Crisis in Infinite Lands Things began to paint badly for Oliver Queen. After all, with the end of his series just a few episodes away and the Arrowverse crossover almost at the end of those chapters a death warrant It didn't seem crazy to the character. So it was.

From the end of the seventh season of the series it was noted that Green Arrow was dying in the Crisis and that finally happened during the first episode of the event. There, Oliver Queen sacrificed herself to save as many people as possible on Earth 38 (the home of Supergirl) and died as a result of the injuries she suffered from anti-matter.

But Oliver's daughter, Mia Queen, Barry Allen and Sara Lance refused to accept his death which, according to Monitor himself, happened earlier than budgeted and decided resurrect the Star City watcher using a Well of Lazarus.

As it was exposed long and tended through the different seasons of Arrow, those wells they revive people but not their whole soul So Mia, Diggle and Constantine had to take on another mission to completely revive Green Arrow.

So, after making a pact with Lucifer, Mia, Diggle and Constantine went to purgatory to rescue Oliver's soul and when it seemed that everything was ready a new obstacle arose.

Jim Corrigan, a character who is known as the Specter in the DC comics, came to tell Oliver Queen that to save the Multiverse I had to take on another mission and Green Arrow, true to his style, agreed.

What is the mission? What will Corrigan do with Green Arrow? They are questions that along with what will happen with Lex Luthor remained as the great doubts of the first batch of Crisis in Infinite Lands. But while nothing will be certain until the end of the crossover, there is some background that is worth checking.

Oliver Queen has to go back

Let's clear the obvious, one way or another Oliver Queen has to be present in the episodes that remain from the Crisis and the end of Arrow. About that we have evidence and we have no doubts.

First of all, as you can see in the previous photo, Oliver appears in the preview for the final episodes of the Crisis. Yes, that scene takes place in the Force of Speed ​​and Queen could be just a manifestation of Barry's mind, but it could also be something else as we will discuss later.

On the other hand, keep in mind that Stephen Amell filmed scenes for the crossover that are not yet shown, such as the one where he shares with Grant Gustin (Flash) in a laboratory while both wear their superhero costumes.

Also, beyond that episode 8 × 09 of Arrow will be the spin-off pilot Green Arrow and The Canaries, the final chapter will be a delivery of volume and spine of the series and Amell filmed several scenes for that. In fact, the actor himself said that an important action scene will take place there.

So while there might be room for flashbacks, it seems that there are still more scenes of Queen in the inkwell.

The spectre?

When Stephen Amell scored the crossover in August of this year, the actor said that I would play two characters. According to what has been seen so far those two characters could be the main Oliver Queen and the Oliver Queen Earth 16. But what if Amell was referring to another character?

Obviously the mission entrusted by the Spectrum to Oliver has to mean something important to the crossover and that could be more important than Green Arrow assuming the role of the Spectrum.

Of course, here we are completely in the field of speculation but keep in mind that this is not something without background in the comics. While never happened to Oliver Queen, in the stories of DC Hal Jordan became for a while in the Spectrum and the Arrowverse could perfectly do that with Green Arrow.

What evidence is there about it? Well, everything is circumstantial and begins with the conversation between Corrigan and Queen. There The Specter tells the watchman something that sounds quite similar to the monologue that Oliver gives in the introduction of the series pointing out that “It had to become something else.”

All while Green Arrow wears his old suit, the one that gave him the nickname “The Hood”, a distinctive element of the Specter suit. Also, the transformation of Corrigan's eyes when he speaks is not at all subtle.

Another idea that could support the transformation of Green Arrow in the Spectrum is Jim Corrigan's role in the comic book Crisis in Infinite Lands. As you will remember in the classic comic Corrigan is the only one who can fight hand in hand with the Anti-Monitor and is key to saving the Multiverse.

In that sense, putting Oliver Queen in that role would allow the Arrowverse to leave his central character as the hero at the end of the day and lead a hand-in-hand between him and the Ant-Monitor that would give Stephen Amell the “Tony Stark moment” with which he already joked.

In addition, and in a more important aspect, this would leave the door open for the remaining episodes of Arrow and I could easily connect with that mysterious scene of Felicity in the future at the end of the seventh season.

Crisis in Infinite Lands will air its latest episodes on January 14 in the United States and the end of Arrow It will be issued on January 28.

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