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The expected scene between Pablo and Julia in La Ley del Corazón


The expected scene between Pablo and Julia in La Ley del Corazón

‘The Law of the Heart 2’ it advances with force in the screens of millions of viewers who follow night to night the sentimental tension that live the protagonists, Pablo Domínguez and Julia Escallón, after several chapters where they can no longer hide their love.

With kisses, deep conversations, reunions with moments of the past, details and expressions of affection, the spectators lived with the charactersone of the hottest scenes in the history of the production of Canal RCN.

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According to the path that leads the plot, Julia and Pablo they went quite together from episodes back, until they reached the point where the desires and the desires did not support more until they exploded in the protagonist’s apartment.

In the scene you can see how Dominguez, played by Luciano D’Alessandro, takes the initiative and takes his colleague (Laura Londoño) to live a hot and risque situation, where kisses and caresses became the center of everything.

After a conversation about the possible restart of the relationship, Julia assured that the “prince she knew” still lacks something, so he throws himself on her and starts a hot scene in the kitchen, in which both are undressing.

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This moment craved by the followers of “Pablia“Was fulfilled after weeks of endless discussions and jealousy that led the characters to move away significantly because of Lucia and the relationship he had with Pablo.

During the transmission of the chapter, production became a trend on Twitter, where many fans of history showed their joy to see the new union of lawyers, who will now embark from scratch their relationship sentimental.

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