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The director of Toy Story 4 explained why the saga did not end with Toy Story 3


The director of Toy Story 4 explained why the saga did not end with Toy Story 3

When Pixar presented toy Story 3 in 2010 it seemed that the studio had closed with a flourish the history of toys that began in 1995. However, we are now here, nine years after that, and with a view to what will be Toy Story 4

In this scenario, although the trailers and posters have not failed to fill fans with nostalgia, many still wonder if a fourth film of Toy Story It was truly necessary. After all, beyond the economic ambitions of Disney, the franchise seemed to have come to an end.

One of those people was even the director of Toy Story 4, Josh Cooley, who during an interview (via CinemaBlend) admitted that he also had qualms about presenting another film of Toy Story, however, ended up justifying and promoting their existence protected in Woody's story.

“At one point we had the same questions that everyone has now, 'Wait, did I think they were over?'”, Cooley remembered. “And we had those questions five years ago, when we started … Tons of responsibility, tons of pressure, many nights without sleep, knowing that we were going to try. Because we loved the end of Toy Story 3 and We feel that this is the culmination of the story of Woody and Andy, but there is more to Woody's story than to tell. “

I mean, now Toy Story 4 He intends to close Woody's story away from Andy, showing the toy in a life without him and trying to find his place. A panorama that, as anticipated, will propitiate its reunion with Bo Peep and meetings with characters that will show you a new way of seeing the world.

But, regardless of the fate that awaits Woody in Toy Story 4, Could there be a Toy Story 5?

The logic of the franchises says that a success of this type could be exploited until the public does not want more, however, those responsible for the history of toys pose that for them this would be the end.

“We are satisfied that this is where we CAN finish it”, said producer Jonas Rivera. “There is an implicit future in all these films and we never say never in Pixar, but as narrators we are satisfied with this as the closing of the chapter. “

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 20.

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