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The connection between Captain Marvel 2 and WandaVision could continue to grow


The connection between Captain Marvel 2 and WandaVision could continue to grow

WandaVision It is perhaps one of the most anticipated projects of Marvel Studios, as its name indicates, the series will not only focus on Scarlet Witch but in one way or another will bring back the destroyed Vision and, as if that were no longer intriguing enough, Everything indicates that it would give rise to the long-awaited “madness” of Wanda Maximoff.

In that sense, the series that will debut at Disney Plus is being built as one of the productions that could define the future of the MCU and in particular two films from the company's premiere calendar: Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness Y Captain Marvel 2.

While the connection of WandaVision with Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness it has been anticipated since it was announced that Wanda Maximoff will appear in that movie, the link of the series with Captain Marvel 2 has been a little less clear but apparently it would only continue to grow.

Remember that during the Comic Con 2019 it was announced that WandaVision would bring back to the MCU to Monica Rambreu, the daughter of María Rambreu who was presented in Captain Marvel. The character who was nicknamed “Lieutenant Problems” by Carol Danvers assumes a heroine role in the comics and his adult version will apparently be a kind of federal agent in WandaVision.

But Rambreu could only be the first link between WandaVision and the plot of Captain Marvel 2, last Thursday it was announced that the film was about to assure a screenwriter of WandaVision to write his story and, if that is concrete, everything indicates that in one way or another both productions would be quite connected.

After all, although there is nothing confirmed, it costs nothing to imagine that with an atmosphere that is supposed to be in the present, the film could resume what was presented regarding Monica Rambreu in the series and connect it to the story of Captain Marvel. All in addition to using elements of that project to give rise to aspects of the plot for the return of Carol Danvers.

WandaVision will debut at the end of this year, while it is expected that Captain Marvel 2 I arrived at the cinema in 2022.

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