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The Camino could have a very different ending for Jesse Pinkman


The Camino could have a very different ending for Jesse Pinkman

Last week it finally premiered The way, the expected movie of Breaking Bad who took up the story of Jesse Pinkman after the end of the series and gave fans a pretty goodbye farewell to the character.

But while The way have fans happy Breaking Bad, the creator of the series and the movie, Vince Gilligan, said he initially had another idea in mind for the movie, which could have radically changed the last chapter in Jesse's story.

Of course, as Gilligan's statements point to the end of the movie, if you still don't see The Road: A Breaking Bad Moviewill find spoilers then.

After a long journey, at the end of The way, Jesse finally arrives in Alaska and sets out to establish a new life that will obviously be marked by everything he lived in the film itself and throughout the five seasons of Breaking Bad.

But while that ending is more or less happy, for a while Vince Gilligan wanted that Jesse won't end his story in freedom and sacrifice his escape to help another person.

“I like irony to tell stories. I love the ironic twists. Once I decided to make this movie, for a long time I had in my mind the idea that what I wanted most was to see Jesse escaping. And what he most wanted to do was escape ”, Gilligan told Vulture. “So I was trying to plot a plot whereAnd the hero saves someone else. Someone who we would introduce as a new character in the movie. ”

“(Jesse) is a naturally heroic character in my mind,” added the creator of Better Call Saul, “He saves someone at the end of the movie and voluntarily allows them to capture him to save this other person. At the end of the movie, (Jesse) is locked in a prison in Montana or somewhere else. And he is at peace with that. It was (an end) very intimate, emo type and with very dramatic things. ”

In conversation with EwGilligan complemented his statements by saying that he had not been able to make much progress in that version of the script, but that the general premise stated that Jesse would try to help a woman while she was hiding in the Canadian border.

“I didn't get very far in that direction, but it would probably be a young woman who would need help ”, Gilligan groped. “(Jesse) was hiding at the Canadian border, and this woman was working as a caretaker in a hotel or something. He decides to save her knowing that he will suffer for it and be captured, but he does it anyway. ”

“The last scene would probably have been him in a jail cell, but in peace for the first time since the movie began, ” added the director. “I think the idea that he couldn't sleep was going to be installed. (Jesse) could not sleep for a week or more since his escape. The police were looking for him and he was very tormented and loaded with adrenaline. But in the end, I was in the cell and ironically I could finally sleep like a baby. I thought ‘ah, this would be pretty cool. '”

But why didn't Gilligan follow that premise? According to the creator of Breaking BadHe made that decision because his surroundings told him it was a bad idea.

“I proposed this version to my girlfriend Holly (Rice),” Gilligan said, “and also separately I proposed it to Peter Gould (producer of Breaking Bad and co-creator of Better Call Saul) and the screenwriters, and they all looked at me as if I was completely crazy: ‘‘You can't lock Jesse back at the end of the movie! People will tear you apart! ’ I am glad to have heard them. I think there is a version of that movie that if executed perfectly would work, but I don't know if I could make it. I'm glad that I ended up making the movie as I did it. ”

When asked about this possible end of the film, the actor behind Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul, said he had not heard about that version of the story, but is happy that in the final plot his character was released.

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