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The Boys will mock the “Snyder aesthetic” and the Marvel domain


The Boys will mock the “Snyder aesthetic” and the Marvel domain

In the adaptation of The Boys, the violent comic created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the group of superheroes called The Seven he will maintain his sociopathic tendencies that will put them in the sights of the main characters. But the Amazon series will also take the time to present how these superheroes will even give green light to their own film blockbusters thanks to a corporation called Vought.

That element will serve in the series to rescue A “Snyder aesthetic” and make a comment about the superhero products themselves. “Every time they do some superheroes, they're making a movie by Zack Snyder“Explained the showrunner Eric Kripke to Entertainment Weekly.

In the things that Vought does, we were more inspired by DC than Marvel. Marvel things are reasonably grounded, but DC stuff tends to be a bit pretentious and we wanted Vought's superhero movies to be a little smug“He explained.

But the series, which will debut on July 26, will also hit the table on Marvel and the domain of superhero culture.

Probably we will be more inclined to hit Marvel. They are real just like their superheroes, they have taken over the world and that is the series“He added.

The Boys is a comic centered on a group of secret agents of an organization that watches the superheroes, who do and undo at will. Hence, all that is fertile ground to make a series of superheroes like no other. And that's what Kripke says.

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