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the artistic approach inspired by the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


the artistic approach inspired by the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Following its usual release schedule, the OnePlus 7 will arrive between May and June 2019. However, this top-tier has done several headlines, filled with rumors, speculation and punctual information leaks. Now, we have a new artistic approach, true to Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

Concerned is the implementation of your front-facing camera. A new problem caused by the supposed total removal of the notch in OnePlus 7. Therefore, it is necessary to find a new solution.

And if yesterday we saw several images of a protection case for the smartphone, today we have a new artistic concept. That is, the product of imagination, therefore without any connection to the actual product, of a designer. Or, simply, the whim of a fan of Chinese-led tech Carl Pei and Pete Lau.

The parallel with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Already the January 13, 2019 this hypothesis was posed, however. Could the OnePlus 7 use a sliding frame to accommodate your front-facing camera? This is the solution found by Xiaomi for its top of the range, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, also already announced in Europe, during MWC 2019.

In question is the image that illustrates this article, being housed in the information repository SlashLeaks, by the GEEDEE user. However, anyone can submit a wide range of content to this platform, just to register. In other words, it is not, as a rule, a reliable source.

OnePlus 7 smartphone Xiaomi My Mix 3

Still, faced with the growing interest in this smartphone, the internet was taken by assault for false information. Or, rather, hasty conclusions that were soon refuted. What we see here is a promotional poster of OnePlus 6T, adulterated by any image editing software.

This is not OnePlus 7

Although nothing prevents the manufacturer from surprising us as a solution similar to that of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the above image has already been unmasked. In fact, the platform itself blocked comments to prevent the spread of false information, in other words, the scourge of fake news which remain in vogue.

For now our best guess is based on the agreement between the various rumors. All of them pointing to the use of a front camera pop up which will use a retractable mechanism. The chamber will go up, by an electric motor, when it is necessary, and will remain hidden in the other instances.

OnePlus 7 smartphone Xiaomi My Mix 3

On the other hand, the activity of the fans shows us the great interest that already surrounds the OnePlus 7, and the smartphone is already attracting a lot of attention. What's more, it tells us that the public is aware of the various solutions found to free the screen from the notch, leaving it clean and filled only by the screen.

What solution would you like to see implemented in OnePlus 7?

Finally, a third solution will be the perforated screen. Something we already have, for example, in the new Samsung smartphones and, incidentally, will be the manufacturer that will produce the AMOLED screens for the next OnePlus 7. Therefore, it is not at all unthinkable that this smartphone also uses a screen Infinity-O, perforated.

On the table are three possibilities, the retractable camera (pop up), the sliding structure and, finally, the perforated screen. All of them perfectly valid and each with its pros and cons despite the latter being the most traction has gained from manufacturers.

The final answer will come in the coming months and by then, keep a healthy dose of skepticism.
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