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Tarantino believes that a “war for the movies” against Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars happened


Tarantino believes that a “war for the movies” against Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars happened

During the past year, much of the throne conversations at the cinema were marked by the sayings of Martin Scorsese, and that is when the director of Goodfellas He said that the films produced by Marvel Studios were not cinema aroused a whole debate about these types of productions that ranged from quality to distribution.

And although after several weeks without updates it seemed that this chapter was finally closed, Quentin Tarantino added a new edge to the conversation.

During an interview with Deadline about the Oscar nominations of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Tarantino said he believed that last year there had been a “War for the movies.”

In particular, after being consulted for the good year they had original films such as Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in front of remakes, sequels and other productions framed in franchises, the director of Kill bill He pointed out that for him all this was a kind of dispute where the original bets They managed to stay alive and somehow emerged victorious.

“When you say, despite the aftermath, Avengers: Endgame and all that, I really believe that last year a war was fought over the movies,” Tarantino pointed out.

“As far as I can see, the commercial products that belong to the conglomerates, the projects that everyone knows and has in their DNA, whether from the Marvel, Star Wars, Godzilla and James Bond comics. All those movies never had a better year than last year, ” The director pointed out. “It could have been the year that his world domination would have been completed. But it was not like that. Because, as you said, many original movie comments came out and demanded to be seen, and demanded to be seen in theaters. ”

As you will remember last year, it was marked by such premieres, in fact, of all the franchises that Tarantino mentions, the only one that did not release a film in 2019 was the saga of James bond and that would not have happened if Bond 25 I would not have faced so many production problems.

In that sense, Tarantino sees it as a victory that films like his and other Oscar nominees will get attention and flattery on that stage.

“(2019) ended up becoming a very, very strong year,” The director pointed out. “I am really proud to be nominated with the other films that have just been nominated. I think when the year is summed up, the cinema that does not fall into that state of invulnerable success with intellectual property made its last battle this year. ”

Tarantino refers to the “last battle” in the sense that for him 2019 was the final opportunity for films that are not based on pre-existing intellectual properties to stay alive and captivate the public.

“If they hadn't done it this year (2019), it could have been the last for movies like (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood),” The director pointed out. “This is a really wonderful year. To combat something like Avengers: Endgame, that during the month before its launch and the month after it could not talk about anything else. They tried to do that with this latest Star Wars and I don't think it worked, but you couldn't get on United Airlines without bumping into all the times and even the security commercial had a Star Wars scene. ”

Although Tarantino implies that he sees this battle as practically closed, we will have to wait to find out if in 2020 we can continue watching good original movies in parallel to the popular franchises.

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