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Suricato and Melim release “Austronata”, watch the clip!


Suricato and Melim release “Austronata”, watch the clip!

Meerkat and Melim (Reproduction / Internet)

Meerkat and Melim come together to launch the song “Astronauta”, available in all music applications. The song arrives accompanied by the official video, which can already be seen on the Suricato channel.

Melim is the most popular folk band I like today. I look for real artistic connections and I always had the feeling that we would get along well musically. It was easy to work with them”, Said Suricato.

The artists' meeting took place in a very natural way and the affinity arose very quickly. With the production and his performance in the musical instruments, Suricato was waiting for the brothers' talent to give weight and depth. “Astronauta” is a composition by Suricato in partnership with Maurício Barros, from Barão Vermelho.

“During the pre-production of the album,‘ Astronauta ’came up with seven different versions. It was difficult to decide on one and I opted for the slower version on the disc which I also love. But I always thought that the song would also need a more solar arrangement and that’s exactly what their voices and talent brought to it: Sol. My expectation is that people will enjoy a beautiful song, with two artists passionate about what they do and to stay on my new album, one of the most beautiful works I've ever done”, Adds Suricato.


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