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Summary of the novel Summer 90 – Saturday, 04/20/2019


Summary of the novel Summer 90 – Saturday, 04/20/2019

Quinzinho apologizes to Dandara in “Summer 90” (Image: Reproduction / Globe)

THE Globe shows this Saturday, April 20, another chapter of the novel “Summer 90”. Check the summary:

Diego is arrested while fighting with Quinzinho. Quinzinho confesses to his father that he loves another woman. Titian asks Dandara to think about the possibility of the two staying together.

Larissa realizes she was manipulated by Vanessa. Quinzão orders Horacio to buy a jewel to send to Lidiane. Larissa tells Quinzinho that she loves someone else and declares herself to Diego. Quinzinho goes to Angra dos Reis behind Dandara.

Lidiane receives a bracelet sent by the secret admirer. Quinzinho apologizes to Dandara. Dandara surprises the guests when entering the Church in the place of Larissa like quinzinho's fianc2ee.

You get the emotions of “Summer 90” right after the local news, starting at 19:35, on Globo.

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