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Sony explained why they do not need to be in E3 2019

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Sony explained why they do not need to be in E3 2019

Surprise caused the announcement of Sony by subtracting from the 2019 edition of the E3, the most important videogame event in the world.

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shawn Layden, commented in a recent interview with CNET the main reasons that led the brand to walk away of the digital fair.

According to Layden, E3 lost relevance in recent years, without being able to adapt to current times.

Having been born to offer titles to retail merchants and show them through videogame magazines, the event I would no longer be pleasing both parties due to changes within the industry.

The retail trade has really fallen. And journalists now, with the Internet and the fact that there is game news 24/7, they have made everything lose its impact. The fair became a fair without much commercial activity. The world has changed, but E3 has not necessarily changed with him“He declared.

Layden also comments that, when held in June, E3 does not offer many options to deal with retailers in the face of Christmas sales, which would greatly affect this area.

Sony will have its own event to show its new releases and advances, called Destination PlayStation, which will take place between February 25 and 28. It is expected that this will deliver news about the expected Days Gone, Death Stranding Y The Last of Us 2.

Recall also that Sony will produce fewer large games per year, to focus more on their quality and invest all the time necessary in them.

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