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Sonic is not having a good time in the new preview of his film


Sonic is not having a good time in the new preview of his film

25 JAN 2020 / Cinema

In mid-February, the adaptation of the famous video game franchise will be released, which will feature performances by James Marsden and Jim Carrey.

Probably Sonic the Hedgehog It is one of the premieres that generates more curiosity for the coming months. After all, the film protected by Paramount is not only an attempt to bring one of the most famous videogame franchises to the big screen, but the entire redesign process that was carried out to improve the appearance of the titular character has awakened the curiosity of fans.

In that sense, while it remains to be seen if that curiosity will result in a success for the film, Paramount wants to make sure that the public does not forget the premiere and for this he launched a new breakthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The clip is not very extensive, however, it is enough to offer a good idea of ​​the humor that the film will have and the personality of the titular hedgehog. As you can see, the scene shows a conversation between Sonic (Ben Schwartz) and Tom (James Marsden), where the quick character reproaches the human that because of him He cannot return to his world. An element that will be part of the central plot.

Without further ado, you can see the clip below:

Sonic the Hedgehog It will premiere on February 13.

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