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Solange Almeida pronounces on legal dispute with Xand Plane


Solange Almeida pronounces on legal dispute with Xand Plane

Solange Almeida spoke about lawsuit against Xand Airplane (Image: Reproduction)

With a lawsuit against Xand Airplane and the band Aviões do Forró in progress, Solange Almeida was questioned by “TV Fama”, from RedeTV !, about how the judicial fight and her relationship with the singer.

Without giving much detail, the singer simply said that the “things are walking” is that “Justice solved“.

In a recent interview with the same show, Xand put aside the disagreements and praised his former stage partner:I do not forget anything the Sun did for us. If it was not for her, we would not be here “.

She knows the rush I have for her and everything will work out. We only want good for everybody“The musician said, declining to elaborate.

For those who do not know, in June of this year, Solange Almeida was processed in more than R $ 17 million, however, she surprised and started to charge R $ 5 million of Aviões do Forró.

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