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Small details in Joker Trailer Only true fans noticed


Small details in Joker Trailer Only true fans noticed

The first trailer for director Todd Phillips & # 39; Joker arrived, and the origin story led by Joaquin Phoenix seems, in a word, terrifying. Here are some of the little details you may have missed in one of the most interesting trailers of the year so far.

Comedian fighter Arthur Fleck is first seen sitting in his therapist's office, asking him if it helps to have someone to talk to. He does not answer. His first speeches in the trailer, heard in locution as he walks alone through a set of stone steps, makes reference to his mother.

A part-time clown and comedian struggling, Fleck seems to have taken his advice to heart, but there are indications that his relationship is not necessarily the healthiest.

Fleck is seen bathing her mother as if she were a child and dancing with her as if she were his wife. These are the only times she appears on the scene and the only scenes in which Fleck seems genuinely happy. It may be implicit in the therapist's question that Fleck would never share his inner darkness with his mother. There is also evidence that his mother may actually be the reason for Fleck's problems. He seems to be playing a janitor role here.

The specter of mental illness hangs over the trailer. At first, Fleck is seen writing in a notebook. The page is labeled "Jokes," but the feeling scrawled in ever-increasing letters in the background is not particularly funny.

It may be that Fleck's own struggles with mental illness have a role to play here, further suggested by the fact that he is seen visiting Arkham Hospital where he is visibly disturbed when a patient shares his elevator on a stretcher. Who is he visiting there, if not dear old mother? The next shot sees him in the audience of a comedy club called Pogo, incidentally, the stage name John Wayne Gacy, where we hear the singular Joker's laughter coming out of Fleck's mouth for the first time. Could the decline of your mother as a result of mental illness be what drives you to the limit?

Watch the video to see more details in the Joker trailer that only the real fans noticed.

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A formative relationship | 0:14
A recurring theme | 1:12
A sad clown | 1:58
Know the Waynes | 3:04
Search | 4:09
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