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Single, Perlla shows curves after surgical procedure


Single, Perlla shows curves after surgical procedure

Perlla did liposuction (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Single after 8 years of marriage with Cássio Castilhol, Perlla lives a new phase in his life. Recently, the singer did a liposuction on the belly and in the middle of the arm, and has already appeared with the body repaginated on Instagram.

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, the brunette spoke about the surgery and the new personal plans. “I'm recovering, doing the drains, resting and balanced in the food too, which is very important. I keep drooling all the time in the mirror, finding myself as beautiful and powerful as ever and daring much more. I like compliment“He said.

I am single and happy, taking care of my daughters and giving this time to me, becoming a psychologist, who has helped me a lot to find me. I've been married for 8 years, so at this point I do not want to enter into another relationship“The artist revealed.

I want to be alone so that I can meet professionally and personally as well. But, of course, it does not mean that I may not, in the future, come to know someone“He added.

I also do not have this block, 'ah, I do not want to meet anyone', but I'm not looking for time to give this space to anyone in my life and I have to pay attention. My attention is focused on my work and my daughters“He explained.

Perlla shows results of new surgery on the belly

Celebrities are really dedicated to changing the look. While some bet on diets, others make a new haircut … Already the singer Perlla went to the “knife” and did a new surgery.

In social networks, she said she underwent a new liposuction to get her belly thinner – and she succeeded. The surgery was performed in a hospital in Duque de Caxias, Baixa Fluminense.

In addition to the removal of fat, Perlla took the opportunity to remove some of the skin on the abdomen and flanks. Using a brace, she shared the result of the procedure with a somewhat unusual phrase.

“In a world made up of appearances, happy is he who is made of truths”, wrote. It is worth remembering that a year and a half ago she made the first lipo and reduced the size of her breasts.

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