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SBT records good audience with “She Could Not Love” and “The Owner”


SBT records good audience with “She Could Not Love” and “The Owner”

Ana Brenda Contreras, from “The One Who Couldn't Love”, SBT audience highlight (Image: Press Release / Televisa)

About to resume the display of the unsuccessful “The Rose of Miracles” – now baptized “Miracles of Our Lady” – the SBT saw the mexicans “The One I Couldn't Love” and “The owner” boost the early evening audience, battered by the performances of “Gossiping” and “Family Cases” in the afternoon.

This Wednesday (14), according to data obtained in Greater Sao Paulo, “The One Could Not Love” secured 7.2 points. The plot starring Ana Brenda Contreras was succeeded by “The Owner”, which scored 7.9. Lucero's pamphlet approaches the final stretch – the intention, at first, for “Miracles of Our Lady” to replace it.

With the help of Televisa's productions, “SBT Brasil” consolidated 8.4 average. Following the Jequiti Wheel (10.2), The Adventures of Poliana resumed the lead position for SBT, opening a 54% advantage over Record: 11.7 points to 7.6. As a result, “Accomplices of a Rescue” reached 11.2.

Also, the game show “Pra Ganhar é Só Rodar” (9) and the “Mouse Program” (7,1). Danilo Gentili's “The Night” hit 5 points. The station followed in second place at dawn, with “Operation Mosque” (3.7), reruns of “Roda a Roda” (2.8), “Pra Ganhar é Só Rodar” (2.7) and SBT Brazil (2,7).

In the morning, we highlight the “First Impact”, which, with 5.4 points, defeated all the programs shown by Record in the same track. “Bom Dia & Cia”, in turn, finished third with 6.7.

Duh Secco is “telemaniac” since childhood. In 2014, he created the blog “Vivo no Viva”, reflecting soap operas and other attractions of Canal Viva. He was hired by Globosat the following year. Join the team RD1 since 2016, as reporter and columnist. It is also on social networks and YouTube (@DuhSecco), always revering the history of TV and commenting on current productions.

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