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Sandro tricks Lourdes out of jail, commits new crime and can complicate his mother's life


Sandro tricks Lourdes out of jail, commits new crime and can complicate his mother's life

Soon in the soap opera Amor de Mãe, there will be a passage of at least 8 months and the public will see that Lurdes remains certain that he has found his son, so much so that he will leave the prison and stay at the nanny's house, because she believes the boy will no longer engage with the criminal world.

Only he will fool Lourdes, for he will pretend to be looking for a job, but will actually engage in a new robbery. Sandro will tell you that a friend warned you about a job opportunity and he doesn't want to miss it.

Careful, Regina Cazé's character will try to convince her alleged son to have a snack before leaving, but he will say he is not hungry. Shortly afterwards the ex-convict will go to Marconi's house and accept the invitation to commit a new crime.

You are my getaway driver, Sandro. Do you know how much it cost to keep you alive inside? ”Marconi will question. The boy will be involved in the robbery and the group will go to an expensive watch store. The former convict will help escape, escape the police and will be tasked with storing the stolen watches.

When she arrives at Lourdes' house, Sandro will be tight because she will soon question where he has been, so she will say she went to pick up some things that were with a friend and then went out for a beer.

The nanny will not even suspect that the alleged son had just stolen and had the material in his possession. If police find out that Sandro is involved in the robbery and that the clocks are stored there, it may be left over to Lourdes and she be accused of covering a criminal.

These scenes are set to air on the 14th and will show that Sandro is unwilling to become a different person, which will eventually become a big problem for Lourdes.

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